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Pray for Your Children

As I was putting two of our sons to sleep, I was praying with our three year-old on his little toddler bed. He hasn’t yet learned to close his eyes while we pray, and I can feel his intense gaze looking up at me when I pray over him each night. As I bowed my head, a hollering little voice came from the crib on the other side...

Luis and a Lamb


How can a shoebox with a tiny stuffed lamb in it be used to make an eternal difference in the (Continue reading…)

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Your Bible Is a Mine, Not a Museum

The more we wonder over the Bible, the more wonder-full we discover it is. That’s why we must think of the Bible more as a mine than a museum...a

Your Role in the Greatest Journey


Last week you learned about how Operation Christmas Child is more than just a shoebox full of goodies. Each child (Continue reading…)

Fasting and Spiritual Formation

This post is by Jeremy Maxfield (M.T.S., Beeson Divinity School). Jeremy serves as a writer and lead editor for the Groups Ministry: Adult Discipleship team at LifeWay in Nashville, TN. To see this whole blog series click here. To order The Gospel Project for students or adults click these links. To preview a full month of The Gospel Project click here. […]

The Ultimate Purpose of the Universe

Why would God prepare some people for wrath and destruction? It’s one of the biggest, weightiest questions in all the Bible. In this lab, John Piper uncovers the purpose above every other purpose in the universe, and points to the role wrath plays in God’s bigger design. Watch Now